Theres judgment in this house.

As one of Netflix’s first original series there has been a lot of different people watching house of cards under a magnifying glass. This show had a lot to lose from the get go, with an all star casts reputation and the future of the companies original series on the line. Now I have talked mostly about the first season of this show however I feel that it is crucial to really look at it the show in its entirety in order to answer the question ” Is this show successful?” Now clearly I think this show is extremely successful but lets talk about a few reasons why I think this way.

The entire show sets out to not only make their mostly entire american audience but its international audience   question their local government and its actions.It makes you ask yourself christ is there really some one like frank underwood out there? Can a man like this really be there in the shadows playing with my nations future just to bend it to his vision? to his own personal needs? Well lets address these shall we? If we draw a connection to a prominent political figure of this day in age to the fictional character who’d we come up with? How about Australian prime minister Malcom Turnball? No idea who the hell that is? not a problem the article I’ve attached will  will explain in a little bit more depth.


This a huge example of how the show is succeeding in what its in setting out to do. People are making connections from Frank to their political leaders, there its getting people  to think and ask questions.

Now not only does this show literally bread an audience paranoid by possible actions of its government, it does it an a completely bad ass way of  doing so. By the end of the first season its viewers are full fledged addicts of the story and its characters. The information even though fictional seems like there cant be enough. This show is one of those “binge series”.  The show received an 84% on rotten tomatoes with its critics reviews and a 90% on its audience reviews. The most honest way to describe the show is much like the feeling of being on a roller coaster, you’re either one screaming in excitement or two screaming in fear and horror. Either way this show is one hell of a ride.

But in all honesty whats not to be entertained by when your main character says things like this in legitimately every episode??

Earlier in this blog series I talked about how frank breaks the fourth wall unlike the conventional way we are used to watching it happen with other media. He isn’t funny he isn’t relatable in fact he’s more or less a condescending narrator of the story unfolding in front of our eyes and the american government in general. Now with that being said, this show is extremely well written and is incredibly fruitful when it comes to engaging its audience. With breaking the fourth wall, however other than that there is not much for engaging in audience. Theres no live episodes its all put at once and theres not even so much of as a making of documentary to let the viewers claw into another layer of the show. However its viewers seem to be completely fine with this, and even praise it. They also very keen to make parody videos of frank in various situations like this one for an example

Pretty funny in my view, I feel that it shows how the audience plays out the characters of the show.

Like I stated earlier in this blog has a heavy hitter cast. Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey both won golden globes for their outstanding performances and the show even won for its original score. This show has an estimated $60,000,000 budget according to imdb granted its not a huge amount for a television series but you also have to remember that this isn’t a television series. This is something fairly new and recent instead of shooting a couple of new episodes every other week they are constantly shooting with the only real breaks both crew and talent are getting is the time between seasons. Even then its not as if certain members of the staff aren’t working on the show in order to prep for the next shoot and season. Now this style of production doesn’t change anything in regards to the audience accepting the show, its still a highly accepted and revered show. The content in the show is accepted by its viewers and not only its viewers but the friends of viewers. All in hopes to get more people watching the show so that they talk about what the actual hell is going on in the series.

This show is something that we don’t see entirely often, its edgy its dark and it comes out seasons at a time. Thus creating a different kind of supply and demand for the content. Each season really digging into the question what exactly are our government officals doing. Are there really people out like there frank underwood? The show wants us to think about this and make connections to real world figures and events. Its succeeding in its goal  we are thinking and by god we are making connections. That being said there are still couple of things that the show can do better in however as a blanket statement that i fully support i feel that this show is extremely successful.

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