“Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just a show”

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just a show, it’s a phenomenon”

There are many aspects of a television show that make it a successful one. I think some of those aspects include the writer and creator because they are the person who created the show, the number of seasons that are aired, the ratings, and what the audience members get out of watching the show. I believe that all of these aspects apply to Grey’s Anatomy, making it a successful television show.



Grey’s Anatomy is a successful show because it has received high ratings and many awards, Shonda Rhimes is an amazing and talented writer and producer , it has aired 12 seasons, and because of what the audience gets out of the show.

Grey’s Anatomy has received great ratings since it’s debut. The first four seasons of the program each ranked in the top ten among all viewers, reaching its peak Nielsen ratings in the second season, attracting an average of 19.44 million viewers per episode, and ranking at fifth place overall.  It was the most recorded show between 2007 and 2011, based on cumulative totals, and has been for several years in a row. Everyone who I talk to about the show always has great things to say about it. I don’t think I have talked to anybody who doesn’t like Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes, and by sometimes I mean most of the time, I have a love hate relationship with Grey’s but even when I “hate it” I really still love it!

Grey’s was also listed as one of the 50 best shows on Netflix coming in at 9th best. Grey’s Anatomy has also received a ton of awards over the years. The show has received ten Golden Globe Award nominations since its premiere. The series has won People’s Choice Awards for Best Drama thrice in 2007, 2013 and 2015 and has been nominated for several other People’s Choice Awards. Nominations received by Oh, as well as multiple wins from Dempsey, Pompeo winning in recent years 2013 and 2015, Heigl, Wilson, and the drama in whole for Favorite TV Drama. I believe that since Grey’s Anatomy has been not only nominated but has also won a bunch of awards shows how successful the show is.


The 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy is now on TV and you can watch the other 11 on Netflix. As of April 21, 2016, 265 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have aired. On March 3, 2016, the show was renewed by ABC for a thirteenth season. This is another success that Grey’s has. Besides season 1 and season 4 all of the other seasons have more than 20 episodes.

“It’s hard to keep a show on the air for 12 seasons, let alone keep the audience just as passionate and in love with the characters and show in the 12th season as they were in the first, but “Grey’s Anatomy” has done it.”

I thought this video with Ellen Pompeo on Ellen was really interesting and it really explains how Grey’s Anatomy is so successful. In the past season (season 11) her attractive hubby Derek got killed off the show. She talks about how because the show changes so much is one of the reasons why it is so successful because it keeps the fans coming back to see what happens. One of the reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is so successful is because you fall in love with the characters and what happens to them so it makes the audience want to keep watching. “I think the change is part of the reason why the show goes on for so long” I think this is very true and a big reason why  Grey’s is so successful is because it has a strong fan base and the fans get attached to the characters and what happens to them.

Speaking of getting attached to the characters and what happens to them, an example is Mark and Lexi’s relationship. Mark and Lexi date in the middle seasons of the show and then they break it off but everyone knows they are still in love with each other. In season 8 they are in the plane crash with everyone and they both don’t make it. This is an example about how the fans get attached to the characters. I loved their relationship and always wanted things to work out for them. After they died I was really sad because they both were two of my favorite characters. In the interview with Ellen, Meredith says that the show is so successful because of how much it changes. After Mark and Lexi died I wanted to keep watching to see how it was without them. A couple episodes later they ended up renaming the hospital Grey Sloan after them.


tumblr_lqaidseeMd1qdzzrz.giflove.gif0c7a59b286e7a1b7f871931a31d9ea39 mark-and-lexie.png

“It succeeds in all areas of television. It has well rounded characters, unique and interesting storylines, amazing actors and actresses, awesome music and good direction.”

I found an article that is named “why Grey’s Anatomy is the best show on TV” and I couldn’t agree with it more. The 7 things that are listed as reasons include, the characters are your best friends, its an emotional roller coaster, everyone is hot, it makes you feel smart, its psychologically addicting, the music and its all sorts of goals. All of these reasons are on point. All of these reasons are reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is a successful television show. Under the one the characters are your friends says “You feel their pain, their stress, and their happiness. They drink a lot of tequila, so they’re completely relatable. When any of them die (and everyone on this show dies), you feel like you lost a friend.” which I think is so true and a big reason why Grey’s has such a big fan base.


Shonda Rhimes is responsible for the all of the tears and the joy and the emotion that you experience when you watch Grey’s Anatomy. She has had a very successful career with the success of Grey’s Anatomy and the other shows she has created and written. Rhimes has won Television Producer of the year and Outstanding Television Drama  in 2007 for Grey’s Anatomy. I think that she is mainly responsible for the success of Grey’s Anatomy and I think that it is amazing how she created such a great show. I think its interesting how she came up with so much stuff to happen to the characters and how dramatic it is.

Lastly, I think Grey’s Anatomy is considered to be a successful show because of what the fans get out of it. There are many parts of the show that those who watch it can relate too and I think that if you can connect with a show on a personal level then it is a successful show.


Overall, Grey’s Anatomy is a great show. Its successful because of the writer and producer, the ratings and awards, and because of what the fans get out of watching this show. Even when I did not watch the show I always heard good things about it and I knew a lot of people who were obsessed with it. Grey’s is going to be making a new season soon so the success is going to continue!

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