Relive your Glory Days

Relive the glory days of college or simply watch for the entertainment of finding out what “college” is like. Greek is appealing to a young adult audience, but also showed a strong following from adults up to their mid-thirties. Probably because its a way to experience the old days. The production knows how to pertain to the culture that watches. I would say that the show doesn’t really promote the education side of college or what it has to offer it really values the connections you make. Which makes total sense, because thats what a frat or sorority is about. Using the connections you make to benefit you after college. I feel that it ironically represents a individualistic culture even when the show is about the brother and sisterhood of greek life. The show as a whole focuses on the issues of each character and their problems. And less about the connection between the members of each greek house. Rarely you see them to work together towards a goal.

Greek can give off an after school special feel in some episodes even though the content is more mature than a typical after school special. Most episodes start with some issue or problem that sets up the rest of the episode. In the season I am studying which is season 4 Casey Cartwright doesn’t get in to CRU Law school because of a bad recommendation. Which ultimately ends up being a guy named Joel that was interning her and also was getting romantic feelings for her but she turned him down. So his feelings got in the way of writing a recommendation that she deserved, and wrote her a un-recommendation? I guess thats what you can call it. After watching the episode the moral lesson was stand up for yourself. Even though she got into other schools she wanted to continue to go to CRU and pursues Joel and gets him to rightfully recommend her for the CRU Law program. So as you can tell nothing to complicated to grasp from these episodes but what really makes it appeal to me personally is the personality of some of the characters.

When I look at the demographic that this show is appealing to I can argue there are two. A younger age range of people between 17-23. Either in or entering college soon. Also an older audience that has lived this Greek/college life style once before. The older demographic can relate to this show because there is a lot of events that may resinate with them from when they where in college. A character like Cappie that a lazy free spirited guy (may or may not smoke and drink to much) person my relate to a younger them. He’s the epitome of a stereotypical typical college student. iroz0jp2pr26iBut clearly Greek has a lot to offer for their younger target audience. It is on ABC Family. This show has a lot of young love recurring throughout it. Love is the base of this show, the drama that relationships come with is a major emotional appeal that it presents. Among other aspects humor is a component this show has, mixed with real life struggles of most college students. This information can be vary essential to the network for advertising. Knowing what products to advertise because they may be seen or even used by characters in the show itself. Because at the end of the day advertisement are what keep thing moving. Greek drags them in and the Axe body spray advertisement bring in the money.

I realized after watching and analyzing this show a second time around that most all characters are young white upper middle class adults. The program appeals to the larger majority and wants these type of audience to be able to identify with. Not often is money a problem from most characters, even though there may bsugxq8jy6bmsoe references to college struggle like having to eat Top Ramen for dinner but never shows the actual struggle. I’m going to say it’s safe to assume that these characters are more than well off. Evan Chambers who is known for being the “I’m better than you because my daddy makes more than yours” guy ironically goes though a noticeable money problem. Some point in season 3 Evan cuts his family off all together including excepting money for school so he goes through some noticeable struggles with living arrangements and what not.    

A few characters that are outside the larger majority are represented in this show, main characters Calvin, Ashley and Rebecca. Calvin (Paul James) I would have to so is the most unique and diverse of the group, he’s a Upper Class African American that is apart of the Omega Cia Fraternity. After a few episodes you come to find out that he is also gay. Which makes for some good drama because he eventually come to have a relationship with a guy in the KT house. And as you can imagine coming out as gay in a fraternity may be tough but then going and dating a guy from the rival fraternity isn’t going to help better the situation. Being in more progressive and understanding time the Fraternity brothers come to except him for who he is. Actor Amber Stevens West who plays Ashely is African American and Dilshad Vadsaria who plays Rebecca has Indian and Portuguese. Both are apart of the ZBZ house which is dominantly caucasian girls. Honestly haven’t seen another girl of any other race in the house besides them. But they to play prominent roles in the show but don’t display any significantly different traits than the other girls.

Greek can be seen to hail a few different types of people, but like most current television if finds the larger majority. I feel it does a fairly mediocre job of representing the minorities characters. I don’t get a sense of any effort of showing any other cultural other. Clearly the show attracts younger girls but more surprisingly men in their thirties. The writer himself wrote this going into his thirties and most likely used some inspiration from his college days to think up these eventful stories.


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