What the hell is going on in this house?

Like I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous postings, house of cards is not a show for everyone. This show requires the viewer to think about and really pay attention to what is really going on in the story. However with that being said not every invested viewer will have the same thoughts about characters and the story line. This show legitimately feeds upon the emotions of its viewers. What I mean by that statement is when Frank looks straight into the camera he is answering the thoughts you are forced to be thinking about. Even if the thoughts running through your mind are against that of franks actions. A good majority of his breaking of the fourth wall can address those who are siding with his actions and those who are against them. Which makes you think…. are those your own personal ideas and thoughts? Or are they Franks?tumblr_n15vk4Bytj1qelb42o1_500.gif

Following with that notion, we realize that this show is just as if not more manipulative than its characters are within it. The program adjusts the people viewing the show to the predetermined ideas of its writers and essentially Frank. You are either siding with frank and agreeing with franks ideas and actions or on the flip side you are against and appalled by these actions, but you can’t seem to help but to keep your eyes locked on the screen. It’s all part of the show…a circus if you will sound eerily familiar?


All jokes aside, this show much like all of Netflix’s original series’ there is no studio audience. However I have a pretty good reason as to why specifically for when it comes to this show. This show is influenced by every meaning of the word by politics. Now obviously american has a basic understanding of the word politics and how it affects them. That being said there is no possible way that we as americans knows every little thing that goes on in the scary world of the American political system. So not only would having a live studio audience lead to possible spoilers and leaks about the program. It would also could very well break the illusion of this being  a “political” reality.

Which leads us to our next point. This show embodies the fear of the unknown and distrust when it comes to politics and politicians . Think about it for a moment, what if Frank Underwood actually excited? What if that one man could systemically tear his way through congress and end up at the top of the chain? Let that sink in for a moment, I want you to take a minute to think about that (yes that means you can look away for a minute and think about the question).


Got nothing? Or are you still thinking its just a show, this isn’t an actual trait of any my elected officials. Well maybe not all of them but think about it you mean to tell me that you can’t think of politician that even resembles one trait of franks? You can’t think of one of one politician that is in the “game” if you will for a pursuit of power and an ego driven adventure? Yea that’s what I thought, we can all think of at least one. And thats the lesson this show is trying to give. That there is AT LEAST one politician who embodies the same traits as frank. Maybe not as ruthless as we see Frank throughout the series but the traits are still extremely visible.

Now youre probably thinking Nick, why dont we really see people that dont hold any kind importance within the series? Why is it that we dont see the “Average Joe” in this series? Its about poltics and alot of what goes on in the show has effects on the average joe! Well thats the beauty of the show, you, myself and anyone else who watches the show. We are the outsider. We dont mean ( pardon myself) a god damn thing


Yes Frank talks to us, but in relevnce to the story we arent a part of it. In some way we are franks silent confidant his imaginary friend if you will. We have absolutley no bearing on what course of action takes place within the main storyline or even sub story line. So the average joe in regards to the story is “The other” they are rarely addressed and if they are its in a very condesdncing tone. The show foccuses more on how politicans think and act and the ones who are trying to put the “average joe” greater good first get put to pasture. They are considered week in the game so there for there is no room for them.

But what about the minorites? What role do they play in all of this mess? Are they even mentioned in all this? Yes they are and in a compltely badass way.The black Caucus of the democractic party are essentialy this elite group, that when you need to get a bill passed you strike a deal with them in order to do so. This is a widely known fact amongst the entire character line up. This also means that is known that you dont mess or even think about crossing one of its members because god help you if do such a thing your entire career will go up in smoke. Due to the fact that you will have lost a large number of the people who could have been voting to pass your bill through. This completely messes with the power structure that frank is trying to redefine. He knows how easily the caucus can squash his plans (which they know, even with out him having to tell them at first) so he works with them and makes a deal to get their support.

In conclusion, like I have stated and will continue to state until Iam blue in the face. This show by any means is not for everyone. If you are not willing to pay very close attention and think about whats going on in the show, you will have no intrest or will be very lost when watching this show. Which will eventually lead to you putting the show away and then lead to you forgeting about it. However with that being said, if you are comfortable with living in a show where the politicans really arent working in your best inrests or even care about you, you are capable of understanding the constant changes of power structure, being minpulated to thinking about certain things, or realizing there just might be politicians like Frank Underwood are out there. Than by all means go out and watch this show, but a fare warning to those brave enough to venture into the show. Say good bye to your social life for the next three days (if you do what I did and binge the first two seasons).




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