Cyprus Roads University Must Be Real!

I can smell the beer soaked carpet from here, this show was highly entertaining while still being able to keep up with trends and current events that appealed to the views of the show. The sets were detailed and made the show more realistic. Greek was a highly successful show but for some reason ABC Family wanted to end the show after 4 seasons, the writer closed things up nicely but there was still things I felt that where untold or rushed for obvious reasons. When it was on Television it aired its first season on Tuesday nights then after getting positive reviews it was moved to Monday nights at 10/9c.

Im not exactly sure why that is because Monday night TV doesn’t seem anymore appealing than Tuesday nights. I would have thought it would have been moved to a Friday or 3oeduojnhs7rakrciwSaturday showing when it would receive its most viewers. I feel this so wasn’t respected as much as it should have by ABC Family and if they stuck with the show I could have turned out to be so much more.

When this show was airing on TV from July of 2007 till March of 2011, I wasn’t exactly the target audience of this show. I was entering middle school so I was about 12 almost 13, Greek really appeals to High schoolers and older so from about 17-23. I was still captivated by the show at a younger age than most watching it or younger than they intended. I didn’t follow the show a closely as I did later when I was a senior in high school. I understood the humor a lot better watching now then when I was 13.

The Show had a great why of keeping up to date with the times, In the latest episode I decided to analyze not to many current events where brought to the views attention. So If you think 2011 current events, the first things that comes to mind is Osama Bin Laden was Killed By the United States special Services in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Pope John Paul II is beatified by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI. Charlie Sheen goes on his entertaining rant and is fired from CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.ypkrxptwckamk

These all were headlines in 2011 and are all entertaining but none quiet fit with the hour of the show, possibly Charlie Sheen’s rant but I believe that happen to late for the writers to ad in the screen write for an episode. Greek does show its relevance to the present fads in 2011 with music, like the Plain white Tees where used to show up a lot at “Party” Episodes to perform. Also the clothing doesn’t tell that they are from a past decade or postmodern.

The best why they show their relevance is through intertextuality, which is the connection with other text outside of the present one. It’s the pleasure of recognition. Multiple times I’ve had that pleasure of recognizing the connection they want us to be apart of. this better connects us. When I here a common Star wars reference “….” It grabs my attention. In it second to last episode in its last season they ZBZ Girls are trying to win over the judges for the Golden Lilly(Some ZBZ National sorority award) by having Justin Bieber perform in the back yard when the judges came to visit. Nothing goes

Pledge Spider performing as JB for  ZBZ

according to plan but they simply dress pledge Spidey up as JB and it all works out. Its hard to admit but the true  demographic of this show is for young female adults(17-23). So the attraction to this episode is the relevance the Biebs had in 2011.

The writers of Greek aren’t exactly showing that that are inspired by to many current events, I did read that the writer was mostly inspired by his fathers experiences in his fraternity back in the day at University of North Carolina. Greek mostly hails the structure of the Greeks system itself, even though it can’t be entirely accurate because the goal is still to entertain not to be factual. The way it is so glorified always made me want to experience some variation of that show through a Fraternity.

With that said the production compony does a really great job at making this show feel authentic. More often than not the ZBZ girls are always wearing flowy dresses, Omega Chi wear blazers with ties and the KT house is more modern, I wouldn’t say sloppy dressed but uniquely. Any scene at the ZBZ house is bright white or light pink, which evoke the idea of them being clean and perfect girls. Omega Chi Has Leather furniture, painted portraits of past Fraternity presidents all showing how elite they are. Then you have the KT’s house. Musty, Dirty littered with beer cans and interesting wall art to say the least. Free spirited of Their houses all exhibit the values each have and what kind of economic status they have. I would say they are all middle class or higher, can’t be cheap being apart of any Fraternity or Sorority.

bvlbkdhhszdayUntil know I never though, was this filmed all on different college campuses or one. Or are the sets actually in a studio of an actually house made to look like a Fraternity or Sorority house. After taking a close look a a few episodes I determined that it was filmed in actual places and not a studio and it was all one campus. Well I was sadly wrong…

Greek was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, the show is also filmed on location at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. Also the campus of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California. Some exterior shows where filmed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I was right that the scenes actually took place at real houses and areas on campus. But I never even noticed that these were all separate campuses. One flaw I always notices was that the weather wasn’t even close to being accurate.  was in Ohio, not once did I see a snow flake barley rain. So it wasn’t shocking to see that it was filmed in areas like North Carolina and California.

The production of this show was in my opinion outstanding. I’m no expert but I know enough to realize components like these that make this a good TV show. I wasn’t the target audience of the show when it first aired but years later after it was canceled it so well don it can still get the attentions of the same age group they appealed to years later.


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