KT Takes the Goat

This week on Greek, It is Home Coming week at Cyprus Roads University. The Kappa Tau’s have been bumped out of the top ten party schools by A&M College. The house needs to come up with a top 10 caliber party idea to get them back into the top ten party schools. Pledge Spidey (Peter Parkes, like Peter Parker) has his father come visit, who is a past KT brother and now an engineer for a fortune 500 compony. He is also paying seven thousand dollars a month to the house because they can’t pay rent because pledge Spidey is the only pledge KT has. Rusty wants to become pledge Spidey’s big brother. But Rusty messed up a past chance to become one. Pledge Spidey wants Cappie as his big brother.

This episode has a feel about it, it makes me personally feel carefree, relaxed a bit excited. Mostly because thats the vibe the KT house try to give off, they don’t care and are all about having a good time. Thats how a television show should make you feel. We watch TV to be entertained but also to feel like we are living in this world the show creates, like a fantasy.

giphy (2).gif
Cappie and Beaver from Greek

The opening credits aren’t much, It really dosent have any after the first season. It has the recap of a past episode, and then it shows the KT house with a acoustic song I can’t find ANYWHERE! Sounds like a great song.

The narrative of Greek is really played out for you. It isn’t really hiding much, no big reveals or secretes, most of it you can assume and figure out yourself. Basically it isn’t trying to trick you. It has a basic layout with a plot that has a beginning, middle and end. Some times episodes will be left with an open ending.

Character all have an individual story within this one episode. Each episode is started with a recap of parts from past episodes that are going to help you understand issue in the current episode. As someone that streamed and binge watched this through Netflix the recaps were unnecessary because I just say those parts. When it was being broadcasted in ABC Family it must have been helpful. The ends of senses and most episodes were open ended, each episode built on one another. It doesn’t have the complexity of a investigational crime show like Dexter. But gives you a reason to tune in the following week or binge watch 4 more episodes.

Episodes usually jump around not in time but to different characters much like any other show. But I’ve seem an interesting pattern in most Greek episodes. The creator structures each scene to alternate from comedy to drama. Maybe to keep the viewer locked in because to much of one or the other could loose the attention of their audience. There has been episodes that have been packed with drama and they have lost my attention. I feel it tends to both appeals to comedy and drama most of the time.

Greek is the epitome of a hybrid genre. I feel Greek is filled with plenty of comedy that really keeps the show fresh and moving. But the drama is what ties the show together making it interesting and worth following. A equal balance of comedy and drama. The viewer should get a feeling of lightheartedness depending on the age of the viewer. Having both genres wides the audience of the show. But its targeted demographic which I would guess is any where from the ages of 16-22.

The premise of this episode is all about impressing. It starts with Cappie talking about how he plans on impressing everyone with this years homecoming party to get in the top ten party schools. Also how the KT house needs to impress pledge Spidey’s father so he will continue to pay dues to the house. And Rusty wants Spidey as his little brother (mentee) so he’ll have to impress him. Each episode obviously has a premise, but each character is experiencing the same overlaying message.

The show is set up with alternating events from multiple stories within the episode. This particular episode (S4E5) would be a great representation of what Greek is all about. Little bit of drama and a little bit of comedy. Each character is involved in a story one why or another. 

giphy (1).gif
Star Wars Eps.1 Master Qui Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi Wan Kenobi.

And each character has a specific Archetype, depending on the story of the episode. Pledge Spidey is the young padawan Rusty wishes to train in the KT ways. Although Rusty is looking to be Spiders Big Brother he himself is young and foolish. Cappie who is looked at as the Wise wizard even though he’s really just peter pan, never wanting to leave college.

Ashely needs to find a job quick because she’s feeling like loser hanging around her old college. Casey needs to find a way to impress her Law teacher to compete with Evan the villainess and deceiving classmate. And Calvin finds out his boyfriend Heath’s secretes. If you aren’t a avid watcher of Greek then that was a lot of name dropping you’re going to be clueless about. But this is just a way to show the amount of events that go and what roles people play in an average episode.

pledge spidey
Rusty and Pledge Spidey Return to the KT Party with A&M’s Goat

The larger story to this episode is that Rusty wanted to steal A&M’s goat mascot with Pledge Spidey to redeem and prove himself as being a capable big brother. Pledge Spidey’s dad said the one thing that he wished he done in college was successfully steal the A&M Goat. Rusty knew immediately that if this was done he could get respect of pledge Spidey and show that he could be a great Big Brother. Rusty and Spidey go off together to steal the goat and come in conflict with the rival frat Omega chi pledges. Coincidentally is led by his roommate Dale. The two successfully steal the goat and bring them back to the Kappa Tau Everest party. Making them legends of the KT house.


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