Critical Orientation: Scandal

Scandal is an awesome thriller and drama TV show that is aired on ABC network. It was first aired in April of 2012 and after the second season they recorded having 8.4 million viewers, and as the seasons has gone on the numbers have risen. According to The New York Times, the main character Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was one of the first african-american lead in a network drama series in over 40 years.  This show is full of constant entertainment and keeps you on your toes with all of the issues that happen through out the episodes. I think this show focuses a lot of the corruption of the government and really makes you think about what the government does that we don’t know about. I find this show extremely interesting and i want to study it because its rare that you have shows that open you up to a world that is much different from the one that we all have come to know.


As the episodes go on you will see a lot of problems getting ‘swept under the rug’ by the main character Olivia Pope and her ‘gladiators’ (this is how she talks about her team members). Olivia is known for her expertise of taking and overcoming any battle that is thrown her way. She goes to extreme measures to make sure that things go the way she wants and will not stop until so and this is what gives her such a good name. Her success has made her a huge asset to many people in the white house to help them cover up serious problems. While helping the white house she finds herself in many dilemmas professionally and romantically.

scandal 2

Like I said it is Olivia and her ‘Gladiators’ that work to overcome the cases that are presented to them. These gladiators are people that olivia has carefully chosen and taken under her wing. All these gladiators have extremely interesting stories about there past that have lead them to where they ended up. The overall plot of the story is Olivia hectic romantic relationship with a man in a secret branch of the government and also her affair with the president of the united states.

I also like this show and think its worth studying because it really opens your eyes to think more abstractly about the world that we live in today. As a community we don’t know if our government has secrets, (which I am sure they have plenty) or how they handle their problems that they need to take care of. This show not only opens your eyes government corruption but is also informative about politics to a certain extent.  

My initial reaction to this show after the first few episodes was that is was pretty overwhelming and had some hefty information. But when I got through the first few episodes everything started to come together and you started to see the twists and turns. As the episodes go along I began to ask myself what kind of messed up stuff does the government do that is hidden from us. Specifically what caught my eye is the secret branch of the government that is called B613. This branch in the show is suppose to handle problems the “easy way”, and when I say easy way, they kill people that get in their way or could potentially be a threat to exposing classified information.

There are many relationships that I find interesting in this show, one of them being Olivia and her father. I find this so interesting because Olivia works for the white house and she found out in later episodes that her dad was the head of the CIA that has done a lot of messed up things to the ones that she loves. Another relationship I liked was Olivia and Fitz (The president of the United States). Olivia has been secretly seeing the president for many years and things between the two really pick up as seasons go on. What is so interesting is that the president is married and Olivia is more than aware of that but still continues what she’s doing.


There is one character specifically that I admire and that is the main character Olivia Pope. She shows extreme strength strength throughout the whole show and is greatly looked up to as a person by her peers. She is extremely well spoken and she makes it seem like you can handle any situation in the ‘right’ way. What specifically i find so interesting is that she stands by her morals of always doing the right thing and takes great pride in that but is also is very well aware that she is destroying a marriage and a family. Does this mean that there isn’t a right way to handle everything the ‘right’ way?

There are a few shows that can highly relate to a scandal, but yet Scandal still being a one of kind show. The one that I think is most similar is The House of Cards. Both shows have the same government plot and have very similar stories lines. Another one that some critics is Grays Anatomy, they say that these two can relate from how addictive it is. Both of these shows that i have mentions can also strongly relate as to why I want to study Scandal. They all are taken place in an environment that we usually don’t see insight too.

This is what I think is so interesting about any TV show is that it can open your mind up to see the world in different ways. Some TV shows you can relate to and it makes it more enjoyable. Most of us don’t work for the white house so not many of us can relate to it but it gives us an idea of how a world such as that works. How everything can look so calm on the surface to a whole country but we never think about the things the government does to keep it so ‘calm’. This is why i want to study a show such as Scandal, to see the ins and outs of a world much different from one that we all have come to know.










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