The Office: Stupidity Within Reality

You would’ve never known the average 9 to 5 could be so unproductive and filled with ill-advised humor, but, deep within the business of a failing paper supply company lies the employees of Dunder Mifflin. This comedy series depicts the lives of typical workers and their unusual complications that make the workplace interesting. In The Office, cameras capture a reverse reality between boss-to-employee relationships and characters who create situations unlike any other “normal” office you’ve come to know. I believe this show is worth watching because of how important character identification plays a role in the plots and humor portrayed throughout the series. The Office is not directed towards just a specific office-job like audience, but to all adults.


Ring leader Michael Scott (Steve Carell), deluded boss with an insensitive taste of humor, is very interesting to watch, but a person I find myself not relating to at all. The show takes the image of a boss, one who carries leadership and guidance, and reverses it, giving Michael opposite qualities. Everyone knows that would never be the case for a professional environment, which is mainly what attracted me to the show. His immaturity quickly teaches you that nothing about Michael proves responsible enough to seek guidance from and we learn NOT to listen to his logic. Willing to do anything and everything for a mere giggle from his co-workers, his ultimate motive relies on becoming the best “fun” boss you’ve never had, while making his own twist to company policies. We learn quickly to never count on Michael for good advise (see image –> ). Ironically, the lessons being taught are really the opposite of whatever he says.



I find myself, and most people, relating with Jim Halpert. He is your ordinary laid-back, but talented, salesman who aspires to better himself while unfortunately stuck at a job that bores him to shreds. I can easily identify myself with Jim because he is the most “normal” out of all of the characters and he is also portrayed as the “good guy”. Most scenes where Michael says something stupid, Jim is always there to make a face to the camera to reassure us not to believe what was said (left image). When making the right decisions, we are taught to always take Jim’s side to arguments. He is the character who eventually ends up being promoted to the boss from his natural leadership qualities.


Michael: What are you gonna call him?
Jim: Dave.
Michael: No. What is his name?
Jim: Dave.
Michael: Mr. Bourchard. They’re very formal.
Jim: Yeah. I’ve spoken to them on the phone.
Michael: Yeah, well… this is not the phone. This is real life, baby, and you gotta own it. Is that what you are wearing?
Jim: Yes, it is.
Michael: …and that is the watch that you are going to wear? No. It is not. You should wear this watch. I will loan it to you. It is a Tankard. I highly recommend you wear that.
Jim: No thanks.
Michael: They are into style.
Jim: Mmm-hmm.
Michael: They are into appearance. We are selling success.
Jim: …and paper.
Michael: That’s sorta secondary. [offers Jim the watch again]
Jim: Nope. No

Office Script Season 6 Episode 7

He is also very funny to watch because of his sarcasm.









tumblr_m7fi19GMn91ro8ysbo1_500dwight schrute

Dwight Shcrute plays an ass-kisser who plagues the office with his abnormal interests and evil plan to one day take over the company. He is a fun one to watch, but never could I relate with him. We’ve all had to deal with that one teachers pet in school and it’s not fun. The Office teaches you that teachers pets don’t go away outside of the classroom, they become boss’ pets. Just as you may expect, Dwight is the secret ingredient that sparks the boss’ chaotic environment inside this interesting, but also boring, workplace.

When describing The Office, IMBD‘s taglines read, “[It’s] A comedy for anyone whose boss is an idiot” and “…Not for everyone, just anyone who works”. These slogans are aimed to catch the interest of the average american citizen, creating a relatable environment for everyone to watch. Other hit shows following the sitcom, such as Parks and Recreation (2009) and Modern Family (2009), later start to pick up the mockumentary style of filming (which is cameras following regular people for no apparent reason), showing how much of a success and how much of a legacy the show has left behind, already. The Office has accumulated many awards and nominations in it’s 2005-2013 era, including Golden Globes of 2006 for Outstanding Comedy Series but my main reason for enjoying this series so much is that it not only takes a boring environment and turns it into goofy entertainment, but it captures the individually unique personalities of people everyone can relate to in their life.

A formal warning from me before you watch the show, don’t believe anything everything you hear.




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