Rush Kappa Tau! (Greek)

the best TV show since M.A.S.H. Greek is an ABC Family or now known as “FreeForm” (not sure what thats all about). The show has you following the life of an out of place freshman geek that goes to Cyprus Roads University named Rusty Cartwright. Being fed up with his normal routine 300and life statues he takes a chance with the Greek system.

He finds himself rushing (applying to be a member) and belonging to Kappa Tau. Which is ironically the outcast of fraternities at CRU. His sister Casey Cartwright is the president of the top sorority on campus Zeta Beta Zeta. Casey is also a major character in the show, her two former boyfriends (Once friends) are presidents of Omega Chi and Kappa Tau which are rival fraternities. Which causes plenty of conflict in the show and for some entertaining battles.

200The three major houses are the Omega Chi’s, Kappa Tau’s and Zeta Beta Zeta’s. The Omega Chi’s are known to be the rich privileged kids that think they are better than everyone else. Where Kappa Tau is the lazy care free party central frat that no one takes serious and The Zeta Beta Zeta’s are the everything must be pink girly girls that only date the hot rich guys(Omega Chi’s).

It is a typical representation of how college kids in the Greek system live. Living in a massive frat where they party all day and night. then drink till you can’t anymore and drink some more. Then they have the prissy sorority houses that hold there gossipy rich girls. The best part is the comical pledge hazing. I’m personally not in a fraternity but it seems to be pretty exaggerated of course to make it more appealing for the audience. Which it does a great job of doing, dragging you into the drama and excitement of Greek life.

This series was on for 4 years, ending in 2011. I never actually followed it while it was on TV because I had little interest in college life at 16 years old. About two years ago I found it on Netflix and was entering college and decided to give it a chance.

This show is presented in a couple of different ways depending on the setting of the scene. The lighting and and set display at the Kappa Tau house is always hazy and dirty littered with red solo cups. Like a college party house should be. The Omega Kia and Zata Beta Zata house’s are always bright white making a really clean and high class feel. The music in the show is pretty basic. The music sets the tone and feeling to each scene. Rarely is an actual band’s music playing unless theres a party scene or they are at a bar. Most the transitional music is custom and nothing special.

I would strongly suggest giving this show a watch because it has all the major components to a great show. It has humor, drama, excitement, and a great cast that you get a good connection with. I feel this was ABC Family’s first step to branching out to a maturer audience. I’m not exactly sure how it did so well on TV. ABC Family seems to be a family oriented TV program especially in 2011. A show with so much partying, beer and college appropriate drama doesn’t seem right for them. So I can only assume this was a transitional period from them to grow into what they have become now.

The creator Patrick Sean Smith did a great job of giving you a connection to so many characters. Even with the characters that had little significants. Personally I like that it has a main characters but can genially focus on the background of other characters. My favorite character to watch is Dale, Rusty’s Freshman roommate. He comes off as a racist homophobic Jesus loving individual. Through out the show he causes some problems because he so oblivious to how to act socially, some of it is funny some not so much. He eventually grows on you as the series moves along and he becomes accustomed to college life and it’s ideals.

400Another great character is Cappie, old boyfriend of Casey Cartwright and president of Rusty’s frat Kappa Tau. Cappie is a free spirit guy who’s goals are to figure out how to become a college Peter Pan. He’s always saying weird thing that never makes sense. Like a Captain Jack Sparrow frat boy, His big thing is karmic synergy. The theory that if you do nothing it will all work out. Basically his accuse to do nothing productive.

With all the characters this show has it makes a pretty compelling community. Every character has at least one tie with one another. Almost like a modern soap opera with out the bad acting and repetitive drama storylines. For example Evan Chambers is the Omega Chi president who dated Casey Cartwright, Frat brothers wigreekth Calvin Owens(Rusty’s Best friend) and enemies with Cappie. whom once were best friends now presidents of rival frats. The connection between characters goes on. I feel that a lot of shows do this but these feel a bit more personal than usual. The Drama and events that go on really makes you wish you lived the life of these characters. Getting to college sadly made me realize no one lives this life at college. Lies, all of it!

Greek seems to have influences from past shows or movies. While it does have its own unless shows like Undeclared, American Pie and others have influenced its plot. Undeclared was about an geek adapting to college life with his roommates. American Pie was all about the crazy party life. Greek has more substance then these shows but draws from both.

Behind all the entertaining drama there is some real issue addressed in the show. How they address these issue is what makes it good. It isn’t that corny after school special type of drama. It feels as authentic as a staged scene can. Calvin is one of Rusty’s best friends and is in the rival fraternity Omega Chi. Near the end of the pilot Its revealed that calvin is gay. And is have relations with a Kappa Tau. As you can imagine this may not be the easiest situation for a college Frat boy. It shows the struggles of Calvin after coming out and what he goes through. 

Overall it is a well made show that we be good for anyone in the age range of 17-21. Its a show that has a lot of creativity and originality I haven’t seen from other shows. It plays with you emotions in a way that really makes you want to get up and go have fun but you wont because you’ll be binge watching this show.


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