Friends: Why Everyone Can Relate to it

Friends is the kind of show that everyone can relate to. This TV sitcom is about the lives of six people, (three men, three women) in their mid-twenties living in an apartment complex in New York City. This group of friends deals with everyday life, family, friends, and relationships in the most humorous way imaginable.

FriendsThe main characters are Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey. They all have unique personalities that mesh perfectly with one another. Rachel  is a spoiled girl who had everything handed to her and is now living completely on her own with her best friend from high school, Monica. Monica  is sort of the “mom” of the friend group. She can be a bit controlling at times but means well. Phoebe is the quirky, sweet, free spirit one of the group. Phoebe was Monica’s old roommate. Ross is Monica’s brother and is recently divorced. He also has always secretly liked Rachel. Chandler is the awkward sarcastic one of the group. He was Ross’s roommate in college. Joey lives with Chandler and is an actor trying to get his big break. All of these characters bring something new to the table. Combined they make a hilarious group of friends and is definitely worth a watch.

The show ran for 10 seasons which has me wondering, what was it that made the show such a success with such a simple concept? I also find it interesting and wonder why the writers chose to focus on this age group (25-30)? Perhaps that is the age where you finally discover exactly who you are and more importantly, who your friends are. The setting takes place in Manhattan but the only two places this gang ever seems to go to are the coffee shop Central Perk, and Monica and Rachel’s apartment. I find that a little puzzling that out of all places to be in NYC, they chose those spots.


When I sit down and watch the show I find myself getting emotionally involved with the characters and their life. I also laugh. A lot. I’ve probably seen every episode a least more than once and laugh just as much every single time. The show honestly never gets old. If I’m feeling down and I go and watch an episode, my mood instantly changes and lifts me up. It’s also really easy to relate to what they’re going through in the show because they’re just ordinary people with the same problems as everyone else.

The show came out in 1994 and since I was born in 95 I didn’t discover the show until after it had stopped airing new episodes. I was scrolling through TV channels one night trying to find something to watch before bed and happened to come across a rerun of an episode from season 8. I didn’t know anything about the show at all but I was instantly hooked. I started chuckling along to Chandler’s awesome sarcastic comments right away. I think it was the chemistry that not only the characters have with each other, but the actors as well. I ended up staying up that night watching episodes until infomercials started to show.

Personally, I feel as though I’m like a mix of Monica and Phoebe inside and maybe a little bit of Rachel as well. This really helps me relate to the characters on a deeper level. I find myself being a clean freak that tries to control situations too much but also tries to be well liked by everyone. On the other hand I’m definitely the weird quirky one in my friend group like Phoebe.

A character that I thoroughly enjoy watching the most would be Chandler. His sense of humor is like no other but deep down he can be sensitive as well, especially when it comes to Monica. I think every character on the show grows throughout each season but Chandler’s growth is more subtle. At first he doesn’t know how to handle being in a serious relationship and freaks out at the idea of commitment. But over time he slowly finds a way to get over his fear of commitment and even changes his career to doing something that he loves.

Of course, there are also many relationships that develop and fall apart throughout the show. There’s Ross and Rachel and the many complications of their relationship, Monica and Chandler, and my favorite couple (bro-mance) Joey and Chandler. Joey and Chandler have the best relationship of all, and out of all the friends are probably the closest. They are the true definition of friendship and have an bond like no other. They even raised a baby chick and duck together. Chandler-Scared-Into-Joeys-Arms-On-Friends-Gif 6358527837543598581364239804_1349818052643553_animate anigif_enhanced-19360-1403499318-1 tumblr_nr4nq7Vtz21r3rbmpo1_500

A lot of people tend to compare Friends with How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Mother was made after Friends ended but there are a lot of similarities. With the same amount of characters, all living in NYC, similar personalities and love stories. It’s hard not to compare the two.

This show draws me in with not only the comedy but the characters and their lives in the show. What is really interesting is seeing the growth throughout the entire show in everyone. From Rachel going from a spoiled girl whose handed everything to getting a career in fashion and being completely independent. To Phoebe who starts off really innocent and sweet but during the show becomes more thick skinned and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

I think what’s most interesting about Friends is that its so simple but yet it works. The humor is relate-able and not just for folks in their twenties. The show isn’t exactly suitable for younger kids but any adult could relate to it. The characters practically only spend their time in two places but there’s enough going on in the show that it doesn’t really matter.

The show Friends is all about that time period that almost everyone will or has gone through in their twenties. They’re out of college in the adult world but they haven’t quite settled down yet. Their careers are just taking off as well as their love lives and their friends are their family. It’s such a simple concept but the characters are far from simple, and it is definitely a show worth studying. 5311f69547f07d4c87f38d52da074f86



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