Why “Making A Murderer” Is Worth Watching


How do you feel about the police? Do you think they’re good people, or they can’t do any wrong? Or do you feel that they can be corrupt? That they’re the law so cops feel they can’t be in trouble or harm from punishment? Everyone has there own perceived mindset about the police. I grew up in a family of law enforcement so I can be biased from time to time. However, I have morals, I sometimes think with a clear mindset, and I understand that not everything is exactly what it seems. Now, after you answer to yourself what you think of law enforcement, answer these questions. Can someone be framed by the police? Is making a man an antagonist before he’s guilty right in the justice system? And is it right to mentally attack a family that can barely fend for themselves? The show Making A Murderer follows Steven Avery, a now 53-year-old Wisconsin man, that was wrongfully convicted of rape which he did an 18 year bid before being released then, accused and convicted of murdering a women, Teresa Halbach, with nephew Brendan Dassey. This show is worth watching because it makes you question everything you know about the police, law enforcement, the term “guilty before proven innocent”, and is the only show that makes you question everything that happens.

Making a Murderer is the perfect show for basically anyone that enjoys a story that has more twist and turns than a roller coaster. You honestly have no idea what is going to happen every episode you watch. Granted everyone knows that Steven is still in jail because everyone is talking about it but you can honestly think that he is innocent. I would assume the creators of this documentary had no idea that the show would blow up as big as it did. Now, Steven is looking at a possible new trial in the future and be able to clear his name. However, we can’t jump ahead in the future without looking back at the past and really understanding the whole “Steven Avery in prison” problem at hand over a short timeline. Here’s my quick synopsis from my own head about what the show is about. So don’t get offended if I’m siding one way or the other. That’s just my brain talking.


1985-2003 Age: 23

Steven Avery, yes that guy above that looks like a young Charles Manson, is arrested in 1985 for the alleged rape of a young women in Wisconsin. He pleaded innocent, with good hard evidence that indicated that he didn’t do it mainly because he wasn’t even around that area at the time, however the women in question was pressured into saying it was him. After years of claiming his innocence he was released from prison after 18 years. DNA evidence had improved since 1985 and they used Avery’s blood to the evidence they had and it didn’t match. Instead, it matched with a man who was already doing a 60 year sentence for rape. His story spreads throughout Wisconsin because of his wrongful imprisonment and he sues the state for $36 million dollars. His court date takes a little bit to get going but $36 million is worth it. As he famously (not really but I think so cause it’s relevant to the whole series) said, “I waited 18 years, I can wait a little longer”.


2003-Oct. 31st, 2005 Age: 40-42

Happy & Free Steven Avery.


Oct. 31st, 2005-March 18th, 2007 Age: 42

The murder of Teresa Halbach occurs on Halloween night, for the next year and a half, both sides argue over whether Avery had done the murder or was he framed?

The prosecution argued the following evidence from my own take-a-ways: Teresa Halbach was on Avery’s property, Steven took her into his trailer home where he brought his nephew, Brendan Dassey, in with him to his bedroom to tie her up & rape her. Then take her to his garage where he shot her, cut up her body, and then burned the parts. The “real” evidence they had been a blood stain mark inside the car, the key to her car inside the house, and a bullet.

The defense argued the following: the blood stain was taken from a test tube of Avery’s blood used to help get him out of prison in 2002, the key was placed on the bedroom floor 6 months past the week-long investigation on the property back in November of 2005, if they had tied her up on the bed post there would be marks of a struggle, if they burned the body it would smell, and that law enforcement forced nephew Brendan into a confession.

On March 18th, 2007, Steven Avery is found guilty of 1st degree murder and on June 1st, 2007, he is sentenced to life in prison.

If you want the full report of both his 1985 trial and the 2005 trial, Click Here.

June 1st, 2007-Present Age: 53

How happy does he look? I think his facial expression tells it all.


Now I’m not here to tell you he’s guilty or not guilty. But, I am here to tell you to watch the show to figure it out yourself.  In my own opinion, I think the evidence is in Steven’s corner for the fact that EVERYTHING brought up can be questioned. Which is exactly what I want you to think about when you watch this show if you haven’t already. But it can go both ways. All I know is that if he is 100% innocent, then I feel so bad for him.

Could imagine being imprisoned for 2 crimes you didn’t commit? That’s like going all the way to Disney World and having it be closed down, and you having to just hang out with the guy playing Pluto the whole time. That’s like going to 2 Red Sox Games and there being no games, but you just sit in the stands by yourself, with 1 Fenway Frank. That’s like sitting in traffic for like 5 hours. Horrible analogies but hopefully you get the idea.

As for his nephew, boy do you feel just as bad for him. Brendan Dassey is good kid, I honestly believe that. The problem is, he’s just not very smart. You know the term, “the guy is as dumb as rocks”? Well rocks might be smarter than Brendan. Steven’s reported IQ was 70 in high school, I can only imagine what Brendan’s is. He is questioned harshly to police about what had happened. What hurts our boy Steven is that Brendan’s story changes probably 100 times. He doesn’t know what to think about basically anything. Also, you can tell him anything and he’ll agree with you. You could say the sun’s purple and he’d respond with “Yeah probably”. Oh, in case you didn’t know, this is a before and after photo between when Brendan was 1st brought into court to what he looks like now.




Lets wrap this thing up. So there are going to be tons of different opinions of this show. Some good, some bad, some really nasty. People are going to assume he’s guilty for the fact that he had a motive coming out of prison. He had 18 years to want to get back at the police and he did so by doing the worst thing possible. Rape, murder, and mutilation of a young women who had her whole world in front of her. Other’s are going to think, there’s too many questions as to how he isn’t innocent. Why was Manitowoc County Police on property on when they were told not to be? How were they the ones that found the key? Where was the blood? Where were the rope? Guarantee your brain explodes with not having a good enough answer for yourself.


I’ll talk more about Making A Murderer more in later blogs but until then, never stop questioning what you perceive can’t be tarnished.


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