F is For Family

F is For Family is a new Netflix Original created by Bill Burr. Bill Burr is a mid-aged stand-up comedian from Bean Town. With the show’s release on December 18, 2015 I have already watched the entire season of 6 episodes 4 times. The jokes Bill incorporates into the show are raunchy but hit close to home always bringing back memories.

F is for Family is set in 1973 and captures the lives of a family that “appears” to be living the American Dream.  The Murphy clan or the family in the spotlight is made up of Frank who is played by Bill Burr, Sue the wife, Kevin the burnout, Maureen daddy’s little angel with a dark side and Bill the nerd who is always getting bullied. They live in typical 1973 suburbia where drinking beers and watching your kids throw rocks at each other is the social norm.


The Intro shows Frank Murphy flying through the air getting smacked in the face with life. He eventually gets hit with a giant “F” which I believe has two meanings. I will let you ponder on this one. This intro would be considered a tracking shot because the camera follows the character. I really like this intro because in the end he ends up in the living room chair with a beer in his hand. They portray him as your stereotypical bread winner who dreads being home because of the wife and kids.

There are a couple reasons this show Is worth watching. The comedy and the satire intertwined into every scene will make you belly laugh and if you’re drinking milk forget it.  This show really paints the gender issues in the 1970’s wonderfully. The men go to work every day and the wife is left at home to cook clean and take care of the kids. Unlike other shows from the past that portray a happy life this one is the complete opposite. F is for Family really puts it all on the table from the main character Frank’s issues with maintaining his job because of union strikes and his wife’s sad depressing Tupperware career that really isn’t a career. This show just perfectly portrays the struggles of raising a family in the 1970’s with a raunchy twist. The interpersonal relationships one has growing up can be found perfectly placed throughout the series.

F is For Family will always keep you on your toes. Unless you were raised by wolves or at an orphanage, there is always a situation or dialogue that will keep you thinking about your past. While Frank and Sue handle the role of keeping the family together, the kids are out causing absolute chaos. Every time Frank talks about his kids collectively he is quoted saying “Those F$#*ing Animals” in a crude Boston accent. Frank has every reason to compare his children to Animals. FisForFamily middle finger

Kevin, Frank’s son, as seen above is an absolute degenerate. He is confrontational and loves smoking weed. If he’s not challenging his dad’s rules he’s out on his 10 speed bicycle looking for the next high or girl to get busy with. He is loyal to his family and is always saving his little brother from getting the crap beat out of him from Jimmy the dumb bully. JimmyF

In the first 15 minutes of episode one, Kevin comes flying into a scene where bill is up in a tree shirtless getting pelted by a lever action BB gun. The bully immediately sees Kevin and pisses himself. Kevin can then be seen giving Jimmy at least 20 dead legs in the same spot.  This scene had every one in my house crying of laughter.

The character I most relate with is Bill, the middle son. This character is based off of the creator’s child hood. He is a nerd that breaks the new color TV with a magnet the day after his father told the whole neighborhood that they could watch the boxing match at his house. Color TV just came out so Frank and Sue went out and spent their life savings of 600$ on this TV. Bill, without trying, accidentally causes Frank to have a mental breakdown in the TV store. Bill lies about it but eventually confesses. Franks says ” I’m so F#$%ing mad at you right now I could kill you”. I can relate with Bill because I too have been in his situation. Bill spends most of his time running around the neighborhood with the poor kids at the end of street. The stuff they do and get into made me think of my childhood and they’re pretty similar.

Daddy’s little girl Maureen is the wildest of the litter and is always the first to try something. The writers use her innocence to make awkward, hilarious moments that are politically incorrect. In a later episode she is trying to find a Halloween costume and bounces ideas off her dad Frank.

Everything is out there and nothing is off limits. People have taken to social media and are begging for another season which seems unclear. Twitter makes it easy for the creator Bill Burr to get feedback from his viewers.


The common theme of these tweets being a second season I do not see why Netflix would not pick this show up for another season. Now, back to the “F” in my introduction. I believe the two meanings that “F” represents for Frank was that he was being “F#$%ed” by his family. The main struggles for Frank are maintaining  his life and sacrificing his happiness for his family.  In conclusion this show is worth studying because it portrays gender roles in the 1970’s and what it’s like to have the American Dream. Everyone thinks the American Dream is wonderful and the ultimate goal. F is For Family puts an amazing spin on what some people leave third world countries for. All I know is that I will watching as many episodes as Netflix will pop out.

P.S. check out what New York Times online has to say about F is for Family here.


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