Critical Orientation: Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is the recipient of the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama, and multiple Emmy nominations, including two for Outstanding Drama Series.” Grey’s Awards  Grey’s Anatomy is a TV drama about being a surgeon in Seattle. The show  is based off the lives of five interns who are interning at Seattle Grace Hospital and it shows their lives and what it is like to be a doctor. The five intern’s are the main characters and are Meredith, Christina, Alex, Izzie, and George. Grey’s shows what is like to be an intern but it also shows the friendships and relationships that the interns have with each other and other people at the hospital.Grey’s Anatomy is worth studying because it teaches you more than just medicine.


Grey’s Anatomy teaches you about love, about relationships and friendships, and about life and life lessons which is why this show is worth studying. These things like love, relationships, friendships and life lessons are really what the show is all about but if you had never watched it you would think it is all about being a surgeon.

There are many traumas that occur during this show to not only the patients but also the doctors. I wonder how the producer and writer came up with all the different traumas and bad things that happen to the patients and doctors? Also, I wonder how do they make it look like they are actually preforming surgery? Are they really doing it, or it is fake?

From watching the show I have learn a lot about anatomy and doctor terms, but I have also learned a lot about life, love, friendships, teamwork and relationships. Many of the characters in the show have good friendships from working together. Meredith, Izzie and George live together for a couple seasons and Christina and Meredith are best friends. Many of them also have relationships with each other and many of them sleep with each other which keeps the show exciting and interesting. Meredith meets Derek in the first episode and they sleep together. She then shows up for her first day of work and he is her attending. Every episode makes you want to watch the next one. One of my favorite parts about the show is all the different relationships the characters have with one another. Some of my favorites are Meredith and Derek’s relationship, Christina and Meredith friendship, when Lexie and Mark are together and Burke and Christina’s relationship. These relationships during the show are what make you want to keep watching it and is one reason why the show is worth studying.

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One character that I identify with the most would be Izzie. Izzie is known as the doctor who is two emotionally involved with her patients. She is known for cutting her patient Denny’s LVAV wire to move him up on the transplant list but she ends up killing him. She was in love with him so her emotions got the best of her and she was no longer being professional. I’m not saying that I would do something this extreme, but if I were a doctor I think I would have a tough time not becoming emotionally involved like Izzie does. I think that this happens all the time in professions like these, and this is another reason why Grey’s is worth studying because it covers real life situations and issues. As a doctor you are going to see some very sad stuff but it is part of the job to stay professional and I think I’d have a tough time with that.

Here is a link to the Nielsen ratings about Grey’s Anatomy:  Ratings

Grey’s has made me feel all kinds of emotions from balling my eyes out to happiness.85f61b80-2185-0132-7177-0add9426c766.gif

You really connect with the characters, the patients and the things that they go though. Many of the things that happen in the show happen in real life so it can be very sad and eye opening.

Grey’s Anatomy is a very interesting and intense show . There are many reasons why I find this show interesting and worth studying. One being that, all of the doctors, and I mean all the doctors are attractive. I believe that the use of attractive men makes viewers want to keep watching the show at least, it does for me. They call Dr. Shepard “McDreamy” and they call Dr. Sloan “McSteamy”

They make you want to keep watching the show because they are very attractive. Don’t you agree? In 2007 and 2008, Patrick Dempsey who plays Dr. Derek Shepard won Favorite Male TV star at the Peoples Choice Awards. McDreamy From the official Grey’s Anatomy website it says “In season one just before Meredith Grey begins her surgical residency at Seattle Grace, she has a one night stand with her new boss, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Just call this brilliant neurosurgeon “McDreamy.” McDreamy

Another part of this show that interests me is how inspiring the show is. This show makes me wish that I could be a doctor. All of the doctors in the show are very passionate about their job and they take it very seriously. During your intern year you are strictly learning and the interns have to prove themselves to their attendings. All of the interns are excited to learn and they want to be the best doctor and surgeon they can be. In season 5, episode 10 the interns compete for a solo surgery. A solo surgery is when you perform a surgery all by yourself and it is a pretty big deal. An article about the episode says “Cristina starts the episode with the ultimate reward and the ultimate punishment. She wins the solo surgery, but because she’s banned thanks to the whole intern surgery cabal thing, she has to pick which of the residents will perform it in her place. It’s pretty obvious that it’s going to be Mere, George, Izzie, or Alex. Watching them plead their cases is hysterical: Mere claims not to want it just cause they’re friends; George talks about how much he’s grown; Izzie says she doesn’t care because she’s having great sex (about which more later); Alex hits Cristina where it counts by describing how to do the procedure. That — plus Dr. Dixon’s advice that Cristina use a simple system to decide, which seems more Cristina-esque than going with her gut — makes Alex the easy winner.” interns This episode really shows how much the interns want to learn and how they take their job very seriously. It is very inspiring when they save a patients life. They are put in life or death situations everyday and it is a very hard job to have emotionally and mentally but through all of it they are there for each other.


Like I said earlier the surgeons are put in a life or death situation everyday and are in charge of whether or not their patient lives or dies. This makes the show very intense. Some of the traumas and things that happen to the patients are what interests me and makes the show interesting and very intense. One of the traumas that was most interesting and very intense and heartbreaking was the ferry boat accident. “This tragedy, introduced in Season 3, Episode 15: “Walk on Water,” marked the interns’ first run-in with a mass trauma in the field. And it was gnar-to-the-ly. Izzie had to drill into a man’s skull, Meredith was knocked into the water by a spastic patient, and Alex (Justin Chambers) met a certain pregnant Jane Doe trapped under a pylon.)” Top 6 worst disasters in Grey’s This episode is crazy because there are so many things happening at once. Episodes like this make Grey’s Anatomy very interesting because there are so many things happening and you get attached and feel certain ways towards what is happening to the characters.


I think that Grey’s Anatomy is worth studying because it is not just a medical show. While watching the show you can relate and connect with the characters. I also think that it is worth studying because the things that happen in the show can happen in real life and it is eye opening that things like this do happen and it shows how important doctors really are. Grey’s is not only about being a doctor but teaches you so much more than that!


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