What Makes a Good Blog Post?

For this class, you will be writing blog posts that have a particular focus and so they need to be a bit more formal than your typical blog. Joe Essid has written an excellent summary of how to write academic-focused blog posts which you should read before you write your first post for the class.

In particular, I will be looking for the following when I evaluate your posts. The post should be written as a coherent whole with an introduction, a conclusion and several paragraphs in between, each of which has a topic sentence. In other words, you should not just ramble but instead should plan the content of your post in the same way that you would plan a paper.  Remember that your reader doesn’t know what your assignment is so you have to tell them. In other words, you are not writing your post just to me as your instructor. Instead, you are writing to a public audience who might have simply stumbled upon your post because it came up in a Google search about your TV show.

For each of the blog assignments, I have identified the activities and questions that you should consider for your television program. Be sure your final post addresses all of the elements for that particular assignment.

The best blog entries contain links to other sites, embedded naturally in the text. The best blog entries also contain a variety of media to help hold the interest of the reader.


You have the opportunity to become a public expert on your television show. Write your posts well and people will want to read what you have to say.


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