Judgment Assignment Description

DUE DATE: April 26 before class!

In this post, you will evaluate the quality of your chosen show. You will evaluate what has been created and how it is presented. The requirements of this blog entry are described below.

beautiful body

The blog entry should be written as a coherent whole with an introduction, a conclusion and several paragraphs in between, each of which has a topic sentence. The best blog entries contain links to other sites, embedded naturally in the text. The best blog entries also contain a variety of media to help hold the interest of the reader. Be sure you review my guidelines for writing blog posts.

You will write a 1000 word post that answers the question “Is this a successful television show?” You have chosen to ask a set of questions about your show so be sure to incorporate some of your answers in making your judgment. Your judgment is an original contribution and so your conclusions should be substantiated with clear analysis and description. Your evaluation should be based on critical standards such as these:

  1. A television show should accomplish what it sets out to do and do it well.
  2. A television show should provide entertainment or information.
  3. A television show should be well written, engage and respect its audience, and allow for audience involvement and identification.
  4. A television show should be professionally produced in such a way that the audience can accept what it sees and hears.
  5. You can design your own criteria based on the questions you asked in your analysis section.


Rubric for the post:

_____ 5 pts        Contains no spelling/grammatical errors or typos

_____ 5 pts        Is at least 1000 words and demonstrates considerable thought with regard to the questions posed in the assignment

_____ 5 pts        Contains an introduction and a conclusion, written for an audience that doesn’t understand what this assignment is about

_____ 5 pts        Contains appropriate visual media and links to other sources of information about the show

_____ 5 pts        Contains an arguable thesis statement about the success of the show

_____ 10 pts      Clearly articulates criteria by which the success of the show will be judged

_____ 25 pts      Contains an argument (a set of topic sentences in paragraphs) about the success of the show (the reader should be able to read just the topic sentences to understand the argument)

_____ 30 pts      provides evidence (examples from the show) to support each part of the argument about the success of the show

_____ 10 pts      The conclusion about the success of the show makes sense given the criteria articulated

_____ 100 pts   TOTAL


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