Final Presentation

DUE: May 12, 2016 (during final exam period 8am-10:30am)

The major work of the semester involves writing a formal critique of one season of a television show of your choice. At the end of the semester, you will present the major findings of your project to the class.

You must use the vocabulary of criticism in this presentation. For example, when you discuss narrative, use terms such as “enigma,” “delay,” and “resolution,” and when you talk about allusions to other media, use the term “intertextuality.” It is not sufficient, however, to just use the vocabulary. You must explain what it means and how it is presented in the show that you are critiquing. If you use material created by others (articles, journals, blogs, books, videos, etc.), be sure you cite them. Remember that your goal is to offer insights to your audience in order to help them see television in a new way.

Rubric for the presentation:

  • _____ 5 pts        Presentation is approximately 5-7 minutes long (I will stop you at 7 minutes no matter where you are in your presentation)
  • _____ 5 pts        Used presentation software appropriately (not too much text, good color choice, etc.)
  • _____ 15 pts        Vocabulary demonstrates a clear understanding of the theoretical material of the class
  • _____ 15 pts        Articulates an arguable thesis statement
  • _____ 15 pts        Provides enough information about the television program and its narrative so that someone who has never seen the show can understand it
  • _____ 15 pts        Articulates the critical approach used and questions asked
  • _____ 40 pts      Presents interpretations from project in an understandable manner and provides supporting textual evidence from the show
  • _____ 40 pts      Articulates a clear evaluation of the quality of the show and provides textual evidence in support of the evaluation
  • _____ 150 pts   TOTAL

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